Return To Balance With Reiki classes are an exciting initiation into the world of Reiki. You will learn about the beneficial and practical ways you can use Reiki and gain the advanced skills needed to utilize Reiki to heal yourself and others. This is a gift you will have for the rest of your life and will only continue to grow in strength.
Reiki is a transformative force that provides gentle, loving support to all the parts of being that are in need of healing.

Reiki aids in stress relief, improves immune system function, and can decrease inflammation. Reiki helps with insomnia, anxiety, depression and inner conflict.  Reiki can also be used as a spiritual practice, either alone or to enhance one you have.

All great stuff, right?



Class Information

All classes are taught by highly trained, experienced, certified Reiki Master-Teachers. We recognize Reiki is an investment and keep our classes small and personalized to honor the tradition of quality in-person Reiki instruction. 

All classes require a $50 deposit to hold your space and payment plans are available. 

Please email returntobalancewithreiki@gmail.com for more information. 

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Certified Reiki Instructors

Christen Rinaldi, RMT

Christen Rinaldi, RMT

Chris Rinaldi has been practicing and teaching Reiki since 2014. Her approach is a hybrid of practical use and intuitively guided wisdom. Chris has trained under four distinct and gifted Reiki teachers in the Usui, Quan Yin, Holy Fire II and Gendai Reiki traditions. She adds her own emphasis on intuitive practices and trusting your own inner guidance system. Chris uses personal examples, humor and gentle support to help each student experience the gifts Reiki has to offer. Her approach is down to earth, empowered and a wee bit irreverent.  As an experienced Reiki practitioner, Chris has a wealth of knowledge about healing through human subtle energetic system and using Reiki as an effective self-care and spiritual practice. 

Learn more about Chris at https://returntobalancewithreiki.com/our-practitioners

Kara Kihm, LCSW, RMT


Kara Kihm is a Reiki master and licensed clinical social worker. In 2014 she began incorporating Reiki/ energy work into her counseling practice. Her unique background of psychotherapy and energy work allows her to nurture individuals while focusing on the mind, body, and spirit. She specializes in working with individuals experiencing major life transitions such as divorce, grief, motherhood and caregiver fatigue. While transitions are hard they can also be beautiful. Kara is passionate about helping individuals navigate these transformations with grace from an empowered space. Kara believes that we all have the power to soar above our greatest hurdles and each of us has an inner wisdom leading and guiding us through the trials of life. When we tap into the voice of our intuition nothing is out of reach. Kara will assist you in accessing your own inner wisdom as she guides you through your journey of healing. 

Learn more about Kara at https://www.letsdiscoveryourwings.com/

Will Daddario, PhD, RMT

Will Daddario, PhD, RMT

Outgoing and contemplative. Assertive and compassionate. Exuberant and disciplined. I think of myself as the fusion of opposites and as a synthesizer of disparate worlds. For the last decade, I have worked mostly within academia and fields peripheral to higher education. A scholar of performance, theatre history, and philosophy, I have helped to create an international organization of artists and intellectuals, published widely, presented at numerous international conferences, and cultivated a rigorous pedagogical practice. More recently, due in large part to the death of my father and my son, I have turned my attention more directly to poetry, esoteric philosophy, and the work of grieving. Receiving the Reiki Master attunement in September 2017 marks a milestone of my intuitive growth and enriches my study of the less-traditional fields of knowledge creation (in the academic sense) such as Tarot, Crystallology, and Ally Retrieval. My goal in this journey is to live openly within all domains simultaneously so as to reveal the finely woven connections that unite the many parts of our world. 

Learn more about Will at https://invitingabundance.net/