Psychotherapy Services

Kara Kihm, LCSW, RMT


Kara Kihm is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker offering  psychotherapy for individuals and couples. She specializes in divorce, motherhood, and women's empowerment. 

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Psychotherapy and Reiki are perfect companions

Psychotherapy and Reiki and perfect companions. See how they can work together for you today.

Getting into balance often takes more than just relaxation. Often, long standing dysfunctional patterns have paved the way to a chronic state of disequilibrium. Or sometimes, an unexpected trauma or transition will pitch us into  unknown or frightening territory. Either way, therapy is a helpful tool to reconnect you to your own inner knowing. It can be a place to build new skills, make deep discoveries, or simply process your present situation. 

Therapy can be the ultimate gift to yourself. 

 Reach out and we will walk with you on your journey towards wholeness. 

Christen Rinaldi, RMT, Counseling Intern


Christen Rinaldi is offering low-cost counseling services at Full Circle Community Wellness in Hendersonville, NC. 

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