What Clients are saying...

"Chris embodies a beautiful balance of professionalism, skill, kindness, intuition and ability to meet each client where they are when working with Reiki. This combination allows for deeply healing and transformative experiences in sessions. As a psychotherapist in the community, I have also referred several clients to her to compliment the therapeutic process and it has been highly effective. I am grateful to have her in our community." - MO 

"Chris is an amazing and intuitive energy healer and teacher. I highly recommend her if you are familiar with Reiki or not, she makes you feel safe and comfortable in a loving environment. The benefits of working with Chris and experiencing this gentle natural healing are life changing. Experience it for yourself, you will be glad you did!" -H.P. 

"Being a Reiki practitioner myself, it was very important for me to find someone to work with in Asheville who was both professional, kind, intuitive, and very skilled as a Reiki practitioner. Chris is all these things! Sessions with her are deeply healing, and I always leave feeling restored and integrated. I love working with her and always look forward to my monthly sessions."  -RD

"Working with Chris has been an incredible experience for me. Her talents are so natural and abundant-warmth that engages disparate groups of people, ​perception that makes others receptive to her message, and wisdom that gently challenges one to grow- that her healing appears effortless. Of the many individuals I 've come in contact with, Chris' example is what I most strive to emulate."   -CB

"Reiki with Chris has helped with my anxiety. My level of depression after the sessions is less then any other kind of treatment. I would recommend Chris to anyone. I feel Reiki is the answer I have looked for in my recovery."  - RN 

"Chris Rinaldi changed my life. I know that's a dramatic thing to say, but it's the truth. One session with Chris around a specific issue did more for me than a year of therapy would have, and I'm a therapist who believes deeply in the efficacy of therapy. She was able to see and then say outloud something I didn't realize I wanted so badly. As soon as she put words to it, I knew it was time to take action. I've been working with her monthly since then to help maintain balance and as a part of my own self-care. I can't recommend Chris enough."  - AP


"My regular sessions with Chris bring light, happiness, and clarity to my life. 
I’m grateful to have an amazing practitioner assisting me in bettering my true self. 
Thank you for all the amazing work you do."   - KG

My session was intense and much appreciated. Thank you so much. It’s given me a great deal to think about and process. I had a glimpse of my old mindfulness today." - SC  

"You made me feel so comfortable and your honesty was refreshing. It made me feel capable of opening up and being honest with you and myself.”- DB

"Chris is a gifted Reiki practitioner. My sessions with her have been powerful and effective, and her keen spiritual insight inspires me to make positive changes. I feel the quality of my life has improved greatly since beginning treatment with her."  - KL

"When I left yesterday I really did feel lighter. Something huge happened on that table as I still feel amazing and stronger than I have in a very long time…”   BR

"I have been feeling well and much more positive since our session. I was feeling very sensitive and aware afterwards but very magical in many ways."  - MT

For our clients...our deepest gratitude.